One of the most populated and happening cities of Pakistan is Karachi. It has an interesting nightlife because of which it is called “The city of lights”. The main port of the country is situated here. It is also the business and education hub of the countr.

People here have a unique and fantastic lifestyle. It is an easy town to get around and discover new places.

Hotesls in Karachi

There are a number of five-star hotels, beautiful beaches, awesome food and markets bustling with people and one can really find almost anything here. This city never disappoints anyone who comes here for professional or just to spend leisure times.

How to get around Karachi?

The transport system is well developed here and is not expensive at all. There are taxis, buses, rickshaws and a new kind of transport called Qinchi or Chinchi. If you are feeling adventurous do travel in Qinchis, they are cheap and a person easily gets seats in them.

Where to eat?

The busy market is filled with places where you can have a delicious meal.

Food in Karachi

Pathan ka Dhabba: The food served here is unforgettable, especially the egg paratha and tea. You will also get to eat a number of snacks equally that are equally delicious like samosas and jalebee.

Street food at Hussainabad: Indulge in some exotic biryani here. Kebabs and burgers of different kinds are also famous here. But no doubt about it that Biryani is a favorite of most of the people here.

Chae da Dhaba: It is also among the favorite Dhabas, where you can enjoy a traditional meal, made with a unique blend of spices.

There are a number of restaurants that also serve Chinese, Italian, Indian, Japanese and French food as well. Make sure you don’t miss out on those.

Places to visit?

Sea Side in Karachi: It is the biggest attraction in Karachi. People come here with friends and families and relax on the beach. A lot of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and sailing can be enjoyed.

Ancient Buildings: Karachi has a rich heritage culture and beautiful buildings of olden times which add charm to the city. The Courthouse, Quaid E Azam, and Mohatta Palace have a beautiful architecture. The area of Saddar also has a number houses and constructions that are worth adoring.If you are feeling nughty then you can hire Karachi Escorts to have fun with beautiful ladies.

Overall people of Karachi are very friendly and will be willing to help you if you face any difficulty at all. You can totally enjoy being in the place even when you are on a budget.